5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

The procedure of laser hair removal has become the latest trend these days. People constantly need some ways to look good. They are switching to laser hair removal, so that the hassle of depilatory creams, waxing and plucking can be saved.

Basically, laser hair removal in Delhi is the 3rd most performed procedures. People opt for this method so that they can get rid of unwanted hair. However, there are certain myths about laser hair removal that should be debunked right away. Check out some of them.

The procedure is Painful:
No, the procedure is not painful as you think. According to many patients, this gives a tingling feeling and nothing beyond that. Some of them are scared of this procedure because of this myth. However, the reality is that electrolysis and waxing are much more painful than this method.

This procedure can’t be performed on Dark Skin:
The science of laser hair removal has advanced a lot and the equipment can work really well even on dark skin. However, check all details before going for the procedure. These days, the most-up-to-date equipment is easily available. So, the conclusion is that it can work even on darkest of skin.

Years of treatment will be needed for getting rid of this unwanted hair:
No, you don’t need too many sessions for getting rid of unwanted hair. Just 5-6 treatments are enough for you. usually, the patients need to opt for this procedure every 6 weeks. So basically, the treatments would be finished in a period of just 24-25 weeks itself. There is no need of giving too much time to this.

Laser hair removal is very expensive:
No, the procedure isn’t expensive as you think; it might be costlier than other methods of hair removal but it’s definitely affordable. Effective results can be attained and this procedure should be repeated just for 6 weeks. The results can be enjoyed for the whole life. Yes, it offers permanent results and many patients are very satisfied with the same. In short, it’s the cheapest and the best way through which desired results can be achieved.

The procedure is not safe at all:
In this procedure, lasers are used which are attracted to the hair pigment. With laser, only the shaft and the hair follicle is targeted. The surrounding tissue and skin remain unaffected. Millions of people have been using this procedure all across the globe and it is seen that the procedure has no adverse or long-term effects.

The method is not only cost-effective but is also pain-free and fast; rather, it’s a wonderful procedure to remove hair. So finally that the myths have been debunked, you should definitely go for this procedure.

Are you too worried about what laser hair removal would do to you? If so, consult Dr. S. K. Kashyap, a leading dermatologist in Delhi, as he will guide you in the best way about the procedure.

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