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Myths about laser hair removal

Some Myths About Laser Hair Removal Busted.

Maximum of us at some point have debated with our friends regarding the superlative ways of getting rid of undesirable hair. Whether your personal favorite is shaving, waxing or plucking away at hair, it is possible that you have not found a process which is 100% impeccable. They all are either excruciating, chaotic or time-consuming. The other serious substitute to these, other than permitting the hair to grow of course, (an alternative seldom deliberated!) is to use a variety of laser hair removal system. This more often than not is the solitary domain of commercial beauty salons and deluxe health spas. It is frequent visits to these establishments which lead to perpetual hair removal which begins with hair regrowth decelerating down and becoming scanter as treatments progress.

The marvels of laser technology

It comes as no astonishment that laser hair removal in Delhi is one of the top cosmetic treatments in the world today. With the passage of time, laser technology has gone through momentous modifications. The treatment is safe and has nearly no side-effects. You need not be afraid of the pain as there would not be any. The process is non-invasive and you can even take this treatment in your office break time as there is no downtime. Unlike other hair removal treatments, it is simple, takes less time to implement and delivers enduring outcomes. The finest aspect of laser hair removal, which appeals individuals, is the side advantage of the laser. Today, we have excellent laser hair removal devices that not only confiscate our hair, but also resurface, make white and tauten the skin.

Myths about laser hair removal

There is no repudiating the fact that laser is now extensively used to confiscate hair. However, there are plenty of individuals around us who still believe in some myths about this treatment. These myths malign this amazing treatment. That is why we should bust these groundless myths. You may have heard some myths about the cost, efficiency, side-effects, etc. All of these myths surrounding this process are completely wrong and untrue. One of the famed myths is that the treatment is excruciating, which is utterly wrong! The process is non-invasive and implicates no pain. That is why no anesthesia is mandatory. Individuals believe that they need to take ample sittings to remove hair enduringly. Just 4 to 5 sittings are required to decrease 90 to 95% hair. Only seldom somebody needs more than five sittings. Another famed myth is that it is a very costly treatment. It is not true; because owing to advancement, laser hair removal Delhi is no longer costly. It is a one-time investment; it will set you free from lifetime expenses and will save lots of time.

Find Good dermatologist

Want to find a good dermatologist for support? Read on!

The physical and emotional trauma of acne can be insufferable at times. Some individuals not only need a doctor but a shoulder to rely on. This is where a good dermatologist in Delhi comes in. Whether your case is moderate or severe, nothing will decide how speedily or wholly your condition improves as much as a rock-hard, believing relationship with your doctor. Often this is the critical missing link in many otherwise workable treatments for acne.

How to begin your search?

Finding a dermatologist is easy, but finding a friend is definitely not. A worthy dermatologist should play both roles. This is as imperative as the medications he recommends for his patients. What are the characteristics of a good dermatologist in Dwarka? Preferably, your doctor should play the roles of counselor and friend simultaneously. He should edify you about the actual causes of acne and dissipate myths, assure you that your pimples are not the consequence of failing to wash often enough or indulging in the incorrect foods or embracing negative thoughts or masturbating. The doctor should also judiciously record your acne history, noting such details as how and when the acne initiated and the configurations it shows, your daily living habits and any medicine you are taking. Your doctor should always be sensitive to your qualms and worries regarding the treatment and eager to explain just how his methodology will work, how long it will take and what you should anticipate. In response, the doctor also anticipates you to do your part. Friendship, as you know, is not a one-way road. Good friends know the significance of give and take. You can partake energetically in your treatment by telling the doctor all that he needs to know about your ailment. Regardless of what type of professional he or she is, that person can’t implement miracles if you don’t cooperate with him or her.

What you are responsible for is meticulous cooperation and follow through: unveiling ample correct details about yourself, observing advices and asking queries if directions are vague. This can help your doctor remedy your problem in the safest, most effective way possible. Certainly, finding a trustworthy doctor is like finding a needle in a haystack nowadays particularly with so many frauds posing as M.D.s. How do you start your search? A reference, chiefly from a contented relative or friend who had a problem similar to yours and whose judgment you respect, is one place to begin. A family doctor is another reliable source. Do not vacillate to find out a doctor’s authorizations, whether he did his residency at a reliable medical center and how many and what types of cases and processes he handles every week.

Leucoderma Treatment

What is Vitiligo Precisely and How Can it be Treated?

Vitiligo (frequently called as Leucoderma) is an ailment where the skin loses its color in blotches of irregular shapes and sizes. This is a pigmentation syndrome which means that melanocytes (the pigment-producing cells) in the skin get devastated. This leads to the development of white spots on the skin. The hairs which are budding in that region might lose their color and turn grey.

The causes

The reason for vitiligo is not very clear, but doctors and investigators are beginning to consider that vitiligo resembles an autoimmune ailment. Which means that the pigment (the substance that gives color to our skin) generating cells of the skin are wrecked by the body’s own antibodies (defense cells). In some circumstances, it has been observed that the inception of vitiligo is related to a psychologically traumatic event in the patient’s life. Folks with a family history of vitiligo are more predisposed to developing these white spots. 95% of all folks who develop vitiligo start developing indications before their 40th year.

The symptoms

Individuals with vitiligo develop white patches on their skin of asymmetrical shapes and sizes. Vitiligo is more common on the bare regions, for instance, hands, face, neck and arms. It also transpires on covered regions too like genitals, breast and legs. In some patients, the hair might also turn grey prematurely and in the inside of the mouth, white staining might happen. The spread of vitiligo cannot be determined. It might stop downright after the first patch, however every so often, these patches do extent. For certain patients, further development might take years and for others the big zones can be covered in months. In some patients, mental tension has been seen to upsurge the development of these white blotches.

The treatment

The excimer laser is attesting to be the most effective Leucoderma treatment in Delhi, at least for dark-skinned patients who are stricken with the ailment on their faces. As per doctors, the condition critically affects the self-confidence of patients, particularly when it is on the face. The excimer laser exemplifies one of the latest great developments in laser dermatology. This laser emits narrow band ultraviolet-B light and has been revealed to encourage re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment in their skin. Not only does the excimer laser send UVB light which arouses the pigment producing cells, this laser’s deep penetration empowers the light to reach any surviving pigment producing cells in the vitiliginous region. This vitiligo surgery in Delhi at Delhi Laser Clinic is undertaken in a sequence of laser sittings. Random touch-up booster sessions might be required and the treatment is categorically painless.

All About Laser Tattoo Removal

Gain in-depth Knowledge about Laser Tattoo Removal

Over the past 15 years, the admiration of tattoos or perpetual decorative body art has amplified radically. It is assessed that today, more than a million citizens have at least one tattoo or more. Many individuals, who thought a tattoo would be something they would love endlessly, are now having a change of heart. Maturity, wedding, careers and budding families are all contributing elements for this weakening enthusiasm about what was once considered adorable. This is not a trifling group as it is likely that 50% of individuals who get tattoos later remorse them. As such, laser tattoo removal in Delhi has become one of the more prevalent cosmetic laser techniques available today. High numbers of individuals are now picking to part with their favorite body art. Tattoos, once considered perpetual adaptations to the pigment or color of the skin can now be securely removed with the latest laser technology. Laser tattoo removal in Dwarka at Delhi Laser Clinic is usually safe and effective but as with any medical process, you should be comprehensively conversant of the risks and benefits before the treatment.

What are the benefits?

Laser equipment can now everlastingly confiscate tattoo ink from many portions of the body. However, the expenditure and discomposure of removal can be greater than the expenditure and uneasiness suffered during the initial application. Before laser tattoo removal became commercially accessible in the early 1990’s, removal approaches included, Sal-Abrasion or scouring the skin with salt, cryosurgery, dermabrasion and even excision and skin grafting. Today, Q-switched lasers use short, high-energy pulsations to meritoriously confiscate uninvited ink and have been specifically designed for perpetual body art removal.

How does it work?

Q-switched lasers work by aiming the dark pigment of the tattoo ink in the skin. A powerful light pulse passes inoffensively via the upper sheets of skin where it is then selectively absorbed by the darker pigment or ink. This concentrated energy pulsation fragments the tattoo into small elements which are naturally removed by the body’s scrounger cells or immune system. Usually, this cosmetic laser process can be done with little or no impairment to neighboring tissues.
Note: Owing to the fact that dark colors absorb all laser wavelengths, they are easier to confiscate. Lighter colors selectively absorb laser light and are thus more problematic to remove. However, there are particular lasers designed to target lighter color ink so make certain the clinic you select has lasers that can meritoriously target the particular colors of your tattoo ink.

Tattoo Removal via laser

Learn About Tattoo Removal Technique via Lasers

With the proliferation of tattoos in recent years, surgeons have seen an upsurge in the number of individuals requesting tattoo removal. The reasons for this differ: the tattoos might be poorly sited or executed, the site might have become infested, or the individual might simply have outgrown whatever urge led to the tattoo. You may desire to confiscate your tattoo because you don’t like it any longer and feel uncomfortable by it. You are perhaps fatigued of trying to hide it with clothes and anticipating that it is not noticed. Just knowing that you have it is perhaps causing you uneasiness. Don’t feel that you are alone. Tattoo removal is a budding industry. Lasers work by generating short pulses of concentrated light that pass innocuously through the top sheets of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This laser energy causes the tattoo pigment to break into smaller subdivisions that are then removed by the body’s immune system. Researchers have determined which wavelengths of light to use and how to supply the laser’s output to best eliminate tattoo ink.

The use of lasers might be a high-tech technique to confiscate tattoos but these are not miracle workers. You have to visit the specialist at Delhi Laser Clinic many times for laser therapy sittings contingent on many tattoo factors like size and color as well as skin aspects like type and color, too. During laser tattoo removal, the laser is used to selectively target and abolish the tattoo without injuring the nearby tissue, which significantly decreases scarring. Lasers have differing wavelengths and pulse intervals, and diverse laser beams are absorbed by particular colors, permitting physicians to pick the accurate amalgamation of lasers for the depth and color of a specific tattoo as well as for multi-colored tattoos. After treatment, the skin is more constant and natural in appearance, although some vicissitudes in skin texture and color are inescapable. With any tattoo, color is very vital. Black and white is the most frequently used colors, although there are other shades used as well. Tattoos need to have an equivalent balance of color, accompanied by the right shape. If the shapes used in your design follow the outlines of your body, the tattoo will look even more notable. Therefore, you should always have your tattoo applied by somebody with a lot of experience and diligence.

Laser Hair Removal a Preferred Option

Why is laser hair removal a preferred option these days?

It is not tough to comprehend why a female would want to shave her legs and other portions of her body, seeing and feeling the difference shouts it all. However, to maintain those dazzling legs, one has to keep shaving them, generally every day. You know how menfolk shave their faces every day and develop tousled stubble even before they wake up? This is how quick hair grows all over our bodies, particularly on target spots such as your underarms, back, belly, bikini line, legs, arms and chest. Which is why countless females have resorted to more permanent, or more long-standing approaches of hair removal, the most prevalent lately being laser hair removal in Delhi. There are, of course, other approaches, but laser hair removal certainly has its benefits. It lasts longer than waxing, which is excruciating, and depilatory creams, which might lead to allergic reactions with diverse individuals. Laser removal is also favored over electrolysis, since it is non-invasive and doesn’t take as long, nor is it as uncomfortable.

Laser hair reduction in Delhi and electrolysis essentially do the same thing i.e. it kills the hair follicle to avert the undesirable hair from growing out again. The issue with electrolysis is it takes too long since each follicle is electrocuted one at a time, and you will have to keep coming back to cover broader regions on your body. Laser hair removal gets more hair follicles at a time since the process involves beaming a controlled heat source on the zone of unwanted hair, which debilitates the root of the hair as the heat is absorbed by melanin, or the hair’s pigment. This blights the growth process, although not completely destroying it; it kills the prevailing hair but does not inhibit new hair from growing in the future. You will have to come back after a period of time to confiscate new hairs, but as continual laser treatments are delivered, the hair follicle will soon go into liquidation, thus making the laser removal treatment perpetual.

Everybody is not created equal, so as per how old you are, how much you weigh, what your metabolism is like and other situations that are generally medically, psychologically, or hormonally centered, the frequency and span of each treatment will vary. After a detailed consultation the specialist at Delhi Laser Clinic, you will be able to determine how many sittings you will need before you attain perpetual hair loss. They will also be able to tell you if laser therapy is correct for you.

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy: A Way to Get Your Crowning Glory Back

It is inescapable that an impressive number of us, both males and females, will witness at least some hair loss as we get older. But rather than accepting this sad fact of life graciously, several of us fight against it. Gratefully, today we no longer seem to be fighting a losing scuffle: the victory of PRP treatment for hair loss means that individuals who are getting bald can magnificently recuperate much of their previous hirsute beauty. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. It is resourceful and can be used with hair transplant operation, or as an independent treatment for weakening hair. A lot of hair transplant surgeons are already using this technology in their hair replacement surgery, and doctors at Delhi Laser Clinic are no exception.

PRP therapy is executed in 3 steps. First, a quantity of blood between 60-100ml is taken from the patient and centrifuged. The fraction that encompasses the maximum platelets and growth factors is then removed and kept. The platelet rich fraction might be divided and one part lysed to release more growth factors then joined with the other whole-platelet factor. This additional treatment is claimed to upsurge the effects of PRP therapy, particularly for hair loss. Secondly, the scalp is stimulated to activate the wound healing procedure. This process needs to be activated so as to use the growth factors and platelets that PRP therapy gives. For this, a micro-needle roller that uses 192 unique titanium needles to open the skin to the same profundity each time is used, and as it uses less pressure it causes less pain. As the roller is trolled over the scalp, it saves the doctor time as well. The third step in the PRP process is the re-injection of the platelet and growth factor rich fragment into the scalp. This offers high levels of every factor needed for healing and healthy hair growth; the factors are used by the stimulated cells, including hair follicles.

The stimulation and access to high concentrations of growth factors has been revealed to engender new hair growth, thicken prevailing hair growth, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier. In one case an Alopecia Areata patient was treated, and PRP treatment initiated hair regrowth. To know more about this kind of PRP therapy, you can visit our clinic today!

Tattoo Removal

Thinking of Getting Your Tattoo Removed? Read on!

You have been thinking of getting inked for quite some time now. After all, you are a creative soul, and you go to an art school, so you would fit right in. Yeah, it is true that if you get inked in some observable places, you may not be authorized for some jobs, but you would never work somewhere that you would not be permitted the freedom of artistic expression. Plus, you also know that if for some reason you get fatigued of a tattoo, you could always have laser tattoo removal in Delhi done. You begin planning your tattoo designs, perhaps you would like on your ankle first. Oh, this will categorically be fun! It actually is so convenient that they have devised laser tattoo removal, isn’t it? Considering the evolution of the tattoo industry, is it any wonder that tattoo removal would grow along it? Contemporary technology and skin care approaches have brought tattoo removal into a whole new stadium. There are several diverse tattoo removal techniques marketed these days. The most common of them all is laser tattoo removal.

The procedure of having laser tattoo removal is generally one of the only options to completely remove a tattoo. Tattoo removal in itself is often a long-standing procedure, since tattoos are doomed to be permanent and they do take time to confiscate. Confiscating tattoos with a laser is one of the newest skin care technology options which allows for the perpetual fading or removal of tattoos. Several colors, shapes, and sizes might be removed with this technology. Next to some ointments which claim to eliminate tattoos by lightening them, tattoo removal via laser is one of the most trustworthy options, which might be used in combination with creams to comprehensively lighten and remove tattoos. Every tattoo is distinctive and tattoo colors are also relatively unique as well. Certain lasers only treat certain tattoo shades. It is therefore a worthy idea to find a tattoo removal specialist who offers treatments with diverse laser varieties to guarantee a clean removal for your specific tattoo.

The smaller the tattoo, the quicker removal might transpire. Evidently, bigger tattoos are more perplexing to remove and many patients will find that they are also somewhat expensive to confiscate as well. However, you can avail the tattoo removal in Dwarka at much affordable rates. For more info, you can visit Delhi Laser Clinic.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal: How effective is it?

Tattoos have become popular in today’s society. Tattoo parlors have testified record demand over the past five years, and the percentage of folks with tattoos has increased considerably over that same time period. In recent times, a snowballing number of females have been getting tattoos. While teenaged girls are the average female clients, more ladies in their 30s and 40s are getting tattoos too. And the reasons for getting a tattoo are as wide-ranging as the designs. While some folks get tattooed to mark special events, some get them for no special reason of any kind. But with this budding trend comes many who eventually remorse the decision. Some see their tattoo as a blunder instantly, while others become less contented with the body art over time. As we age, the breakdown of collagen in the skin leaves tattoos looking shabby and unattractive. As much as the tattoo rage has been growing, so has the demand for tattoo removal in Delhi.

Traditional approaches of tattoo removal in Dwarka included dermabrasion, chemical treatments or excision. While instantaneous and more cost-effective, these techniques normally leave serious scarring which in many cases looks worse than the tattoo. But nowadays, progressively more dermatologists and cosmetic mavens are turning to lasers to fade and confiscate tattoos. Everything from trivial, single-color tattoos to outsized, multicolored ones can now be considerably faded, if not entirely erased, by the rays of light that new, special lasers yield. And, as prominently, there is little risk of the blemishing or loss of pigmentation that the other processes will cause.

In many circumstances, the tattoo will entirely disappear. Greater than 95% fading of the tattoo might be attained with laser treatments. However, it is very vital to know that over 100 tattoo inks are in use universally today, none of which are regulated by the FDA. Not knowing which tattoo ink, how deep or how much was used, makes it unmanageable for the doctor to envisage the degree of removal on any particular tattoo. Often times, it is the color of the tattoo itself that regulates the success of the laser removal process. The kind of laser used to confiscate a tattoo depends on the tattoo’s pigment colors. Eliminating a small tattoo of one color might take two to six 10-20 minute laser treatments; multicolored tattoos might take up to 6 or more sittings contingent on their size and types of ink. Sittings are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart at Delhi Laser Clinic.

Laser Hair Removal

The Plethora of benefits offered by laser hair removal methods

Unwanted hair can be problematical when it appears in undesirable places or in too hefty a volume on the face, arms and legs, underarms and along the bikini line. Waxing, shaving and tweezing are all old-style approaches for removing unwanted hair growth, but only laser hair removal assures a permanent solution for maximum patients. There are abundant benefits of confiscating hairs by laser that have caused this cosmetic treatment to become the most prevalent choice for those seeking permanent loss of undesirable hair growth.


The greatly concentrated light used in laser procedures to eliminate hair allows this procedure to be very accurate without instigating impairment to the skin nearby big coarse hairs targeted for removal. Laser treatments are very quick so that big regions of skin where hair is being removed can be handled simultaneously. Another brilliant benefit of using laser treatment instead of traditional remedies for eliminating unsolicited hairs is its perpetuity. Nine out of ten patients undergoing numerous treatment sittings never experience any re-growth of the hairs removed via laser beam. Patients, who choose laser removal treatment save time in their everyday grooming regimens as they either no longer need to shave away unwelcome hairs or they shave, wax or tweeze much less often. Traditional approaches of eliminating hair often leave the skin feeling rough and bristly again in just some days. When hairs are removed using highly concentrated laser light, the skin feels much glibber and softer as a nice side advantage.

Laser hair removal also inclines to remove the problem of malformed hairs by almost 90%. Laser removal also decreases the risk of the skin becoming irritated or prickly which often happens with old-style shaving or waxing removal techniques. Skin often becomes stained or blemished after traditional removal methods but with laser light treatments, there is no problem with swelling or discoloration of the skin where the hair was removed.
Another wonderful benefit of laser hair removal performed by a qualified doctor or technician is the instant psychological boost of confidence it gives the patient who might have felt very insecure continually dealing with the issue of too much hair, body hair that grows too speedily or appears in places such as the upper lip on females. Countless patients, after experiencing a series of laser treatments to get rid of unsolicited hair, report that they feel their overall quality of life has received a chief improvement and they are able to relish life again and no longer feel emotionally bothered over the issue of unwanted hair growth. If you wish to opt for laser hair reduction, you can visit Delhi Laser Clinic.