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Body Shaping and Contouring in Dwarka


Body Shaping and Body Contouring in Dwarka, Delhi

Tired of trying workouts and starving diets for getting into perfect shape, many Delhiites are shifting to faster and effective body shaping and contouring treatment in Dwarka.

Laser Body sculpting is the best method to get rid of the fat deposits that don’t shed with diet and exercise. At Delhi Laser Clinic, Dwarka we are delighted to introduce our comprehensive weight-loss program which aims to help those looking to subside their obesity and even those who want a better body shape.

Believe us when we say there is no vogue factor anymore to sweat in the gyms and miss out on your favourite foods too often. We have created a special weight-loss programme for people looking for fat loss and finer physique formation at the same time. With the procedure, you can even target specific body parts like the belly or thighs. Let us make you understand the procedure in the next section.

Technique Behind The Treatment:

At Delhi Laser Clinic, we go with a holistic approach towards our patient’s goals for their body. Beginning with inch losses, moving forward to drastic changes in weight and shape, we make sure that the client reaches their desired contours. A combination of two revolutionary procedures with dietician consult, our weight-loss programme is created meticulously by our experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist to serve the best Body Shaping and Contouring Treatment in Dwarka. Not to forget, the procedure is completely non-invasive and involve no downtime.

Beginning with the use of high intensity and focused electromagnetic energy, substantial impulses which contract the muscles are created in the body leading to significant weight loss. This is similar to what voluntary exercise does to our bodies and results in fat loss. But, the difference with this treatment is that it is faster, time-saving and performs more than 20,000 thousand contractions in one session; which won’t be achieved in months of workouts, hence the great results and popularity of the treatment. This also leads to the building and strengthening of the body muscles. So now you know the principle behind the treatment which is safe and necessary to get the desired outcome.

Our next step is to focus on body tightening and toning. By using cavitation and Bipolar RF procedure better flow of blood is facilitated and promoted throughout the blood vessels which leads to removal of waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. This process firms and stiffen the body.

Lastly along the treatment dietician consult is provided which is meant to make sure you follow a healthier diet with your newly formed posture and retain it longer.

Why Delhi Laser Clinic ?

Experienced Doctor

Having more than 10 years experience, Dr. S. K. Kashyap has treated more than five thousands patients.

Personalized Treatment

Treatment choices perfectly match your goals of treatment complications with early intervention.

Quality and Safety

All team members at Delhi Laser Clinic have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

Immediate Service

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Advantages of Our Weight Loss Programme:

  • Best way to get rid of unwanted fats and bulges.
  • Instant inch loss.
  • Aids quicker post-partum weight loss in women.
  • People with body image issues can be helped with it.
  • Helps in building slender body and abs for both men and women.
  • Creating a posture that makes you look younger and be healthier.

Safety and After Procedure Care:


Body Shaping and Contouring treatment in Dwarka is a safe and non-surgical procedure.

You can go back to your daily life chores right after your periodic session. Rest is advisable if the pain is indicated which usually subsides in some time. After completing and achieving the goals, the only care is that you are expected to follow a healthier lifestyle and diet to maintain the posture. There will be no dietary or any other restrictions.


So what are you waiting for?

Now weight loss is easy, quick and hassle-free! Come to Delhi Laser Clinic and experience the revolutionary scientific enhancement of Body Shaping and Contouring in Dwarka, Delhi. Book your appointment today.

Accolades and Certificates

Delhi Laser Clinic is known for its excellence as it is blessed with the knowledge, experience, and dedication of Dr. S.K. Kashyap, Leading Dermatologist in Delhi. Delhi Laser Clinic has won many certificates and appreciations by various authorities in India.

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