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It happens very often, we wake up, look into the mirror and wonder who is that individual gazing back at you with those nasty-looking wrinkles. Then, you realize you have been plagued with the ugly signs of aging. Luckily, today there are treatment options to deal with such a situation and one of those treatments is Botox injections. When it comes to a time-tested and common methodology to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that sometimes result in an older-looking face, Botox is the superlative treatment out there. If you are seeking Botox treatment in Dwarka, you can always put your trust in Delhi Laser Clinic. to know about the Botox injections cost, you can get in touch with our expert doctors.

What is Botox?

Botox is actually a type of Botulinum toxin that was primarily used for facial paralysis, nerve ailment, and spasms. When it was discovered that paralyzing muscles locally could decrease the signs of wrinkles and produce overall smoother skin, it rapidly became a prevalent treatment for wrinkles. Nowadays, it has become very popular. It works by being vaccinated into the muscles that create your face lines such as crow’s feet and laughing lines. Once vaccinated, it blocks acetylcholine from being released. This is the chemical that carts nerve impulses to the muscle and so when it is inept to contract, it decreases the fine lines and wrinkles and you look younger.

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How Does BOTOX Treatment Help?

  • Botox remarkably improves the way your skin appears and feels.
  • It firms up and enhances the skin.
  • It balances out vertical lines between the brows and the straight lines on the forehead.
  • Crow’s feet and laugh lines are also the signs of aging that grabs people’s attention instantaneously. Botox fills in these lines and makes them vanish.
  • It is also used to plump thin lips.

Botox Treatment Procedure:

A standard method involves using tiny needles to insert several vaccinations into the muscles where fine wrinkles ensue. The Botox serum helps to paralyze the nearby region, smoothing out the skin and deterring extra crinkling from happening. Since the needles used in Botox vaccinations for wrinkles are so small, there is very little discomfort involved in the procedure and anesthesia is sometimes needed. In some conditions, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the spot just before the inoculation. In general, Botox treatment for wrinkles only takes about 30 minutes and results will last anywhere from 3-6 months. Within days, you may notice a vivid improvement in wrinkles and lines continue to improve for up to a month and overall results can last for up to four months or more. It doesn’t stop but moderates your facial expressions. If you pull out Botox treatment; wrinkles lines gradually will appear as they did before the treatment.

Ideal Candidates:
Ideal contenders for this procedure are the ones who are finding an effective treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. This treatment is recommended for individuals between the ages of 18 to 65. Apart from this, Botox injections are not suggested for pregnant females and nursing mothers.

Post-procedure care:
Good after-care supervision for patients who have had Botox treatment would be to judiciously exercise the treatment zones by frowning, smiling, squinting and lifting the eyebrows intermittently to get optimum results from the treatment. Do not rub or massage the treatment area as it will increase the danger of complications by spreading the product. It is better not to consume alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen for at least 24 hours afterwards as this will upswing the danger of bruising and swelling. It is also recommended not to lie flat or lean down arbitrarily and not to do a very vigorous physical activity.

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