Vitiligo can now be treated well with Laser Technology

Vitiligo can now be treated well with Laser Technology

Vitiligo is a skin ailment characterized by whole loss of pigment in localized regions of the skin. These regions are generally around the eyes and the mouth. They totally become white. This condition will affect the way you look, particularly if you are dark-skinned. Vitiligo is a disorder where the human body impedes the pigment-producing process of the skin’s pigment cells. This procedure causes the development of white patches on the skin on all regions of the body. Astonishingly, the same patches can appear on the tissues inside the mouth and nose as well as in the internal layer of the eyeball. Hair can turn white too. The pigment can also be lost in the skin after a multiplicity of surgical techniques and traumatic misfortunes. Instances include the white blemishes after facelifts and hostile facial laser procedures such as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. An assortment of burns and other traumatic mishaps may also result in hypopigmented scars. In the preceding years, Vitiligo patients have been exposed to synthetic ultraviolet light A or UVA so as to reestablish the pigmentation in the affected region.

A series of laser treatments can often result in dramatic re-pigmentation of the skin. Our clinic has investigated the role of this vitiligo treatment in Delhi and even vitiligo surgery. Treatments are undertaken in a series of laser sittings. Upgrading is the general rule when treating this kind of condition.

How does the laser work?
These technologies represent one of the phenomenal advances in laser dermatology. The revolutionary laser technology at Delhi Laser Clinic that we use emits narrow band Ultraviolet B Light and have been shown to encourage re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment in their skin. They have also been publicized to improve chronic stable plaque psoriasis and ripened white stretch marks.

Vitiligo Laser Treatment Benefits:

  • Treatments are painless
  • Necessitates no medicine
  • Virtually no side-effects

Formerly, vitiligo patients’ treatment options are generally restricted to topical steroids with partial efficacy and old-style phototherapy that often required hundreds of treatments and exposes all of the patients’ skin to UV, snowballing risks such as photo-aging and carcinogenicity. Now, vitiligo patients can profit from the laser therapy’s verified re-pigmentation technology with none of the disadvantages of steroids or old-fashioned phototherapy. It permits us to accurately target only the white blotches and exposes none of their healthy tissue, empowering us to accomplish the superlative medical and cosmetically-appealing outcomes possible.

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