vitiligo disease

Vitiligo, a disease that makes the skin lose colour in streaks

The vitiligo is a disease in which the rate and the extent of colour loss from the skin are unpredictable. Ideally, our hair and body colour are determined by the level of melanin in our body. Vitiligo occurs when the melanin-producing cells either die or stop functioning. It can happen to any skin type but the effects are more noticeable on darker skins. However, this disease isn’t life-threatening. Also, it is neither contagious!

The main symptoms of Vitiligo are:

  • De-pigmentation of the skin in patches
  • Premature greying/whitening of hair
  • De-pigmentation in mucous membranes (inside of mouth, nose etc)
  • Change or loss of colour in the retina

Our experienced and acclaimed skin specialists prescribe vitiligo treatment based on the age of patient and the extent, duration of disease

It can happen to anybody and at any age. If you have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms, please consult one of the best skin specialist in Delhi at our clinic. You can look for the Vitiligo treatment for effective therapies which will result in re-pigmentation of the areas of the body which have been affected by this disorder. Walk into our dermatology clinic and our professional and board certified skin care experts will go extra miles to restore the lost colouration of your skin. Our experienced and acclaimed doctors prescribe treatment based on the age of the patient and the extent, duration of the disease. Equipped with state of art technology and certified professionals, our skin care clinic offers the most effective and affordable Vitiligo treatment in Delhi. Since it is difficult to predict how Vitiligo progresses, we urge you to consult a doctor as soon as you notice any of the symptoms.

Our qualified skin care consultants will advise patients on their individualized Vitiligo condition and devise a tailor-made treatment plan

Predicting Vitiligo and accordingly starting an early treatment plays a great role in slowing or stopping the de-pigmentation process. Also, treatment in the initial stages ensures some level of re-pigmentation. It also helps the physician to take all necessary precautions to curb the spread of this disorder further. Although Vitiligo isn’t life-threatening, however, it has been seen that patients with Vitiligo might also be at risk of psychological or social distress, prone to sunburn and skin cancer etc. Thus, help at the right time will go a long extent. A little care, patience and support are also required in addition to the treatment provided. Our qualified skin care consultants will advise you on your individualized Vitiligo condition and devise a tailor-made treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

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